Big Bang Theory fanfic

I won’t be starting my choose-a-path story yet, as we’re still in construction and don’t have enough members for the voting.  In the meantime, I’ll suggest a fanfiction for you to read.

I tread carefully when it comes to fanfic, because it drives me insane when characters aren’t portrayed geniune to their original selves, or when fans create really bad romantic entanglements.  But I did manage to find one fanfic that I’ve rather enjoyed so far.  It’s a fanfic of the “Big Bang Theory” TV show, written in script form, and it stays true to the characters and the geeky humor of the show well.  A new episode was just posted today, and you can read it all here:

All in all, this writer has five episodes up.  There is a fan-created character involved, but one that so far integrates well with the original cast of characters.  So if you like the “Big Bang Theory” TV show, check it out!

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  1. Can’t wait for the choose the path stuff. It will be like those old choose your own adventure books though I have a feeling I can’t hold my finger at the page just in case I want to change my mind.

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